Renaissance Versions

Belleforestbelleforestimages-1images-9 images-10 Unknown-5 Unknown-6

Renaissance texts:

Information on Marguerite de Navarre:

Information on the Heptaméron:éron

Heptaméron (English versions):

Heptaméron (version française): (Note: You will need to click on the Soixante septième nouvelle on the menu on the left to access the specific text)

My site on teaching the Heptaméron:

Teaching Marguerite de Navarre

Information on François de Belleforest:

Belleforest’s Version from the 5th volume of Histoires Tragiques:

Information on André Thevet:é_Thévet

 André Thevet’s Version from Cosmographie Universelle:

Thevet1 Thevet2 Thevet3

Source: f Typ 515.75.831, Houghton Library, Harvard University.

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